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How To [ultimately fail to] Reason With a Loony Leftist

       Two things bug me the most in discussion; undisclosed loyalties, and poorly-defined terms.  The former makes for dishonest interactions because whereas one side is having a debate with a peer, the other side might be seeking to win ground in a battle as part of a larger war, and the latter makes for what-amounts-to an idiotic bought between children.  In this essay, I shall seek to offer a way out of such frustrations.        I’m bothered when called-for concessions aren’t made, and specifically at how religious the multicultural left is.  Like a wife approaching her golden anniversary, I find it terribly galling at how stubborn my mate can be.  You can lead a lefty to a conclusion, but you can’t make him stop emoting.  I can’t explain why, but I feel driven to carve out of thought narrow-bands of hypotheticals and reasoning that might, given the most gracious loony-lefty interlocutor (if such a creature exists), cause a moment of ideological insecurity.  I seem to be the onl