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Some Thoughts on Fisher On Trump's Anti-Semitism Order

Max Fisher's December 15th article for The NYT is an interpretation of Trump's Order (read it here before proceeding) on Combating Anti-Semitism as seen through the liberalist lens. It's not all bad I suppose. I think the most I can say for the article is that Mr Fisher has given us another place from which not to reliably get one's history or a serious analysis of things, namely from Mr Fisher.

His piece is typical for the modern left. It's an opportunistic, uncharitable and rigid rant against the current enemy du jour, our president. The reality is that all Trump has done is to exploit the 1964 Civil Rights Act for a bit of political benefit. Time will tell if it pays off I suppose.

Fisher kicks things off with a claim that "such preoccupations with identity have animated not just the Trump administration but much of the global populist backlash." Fisher puts his myopia on full display with this claim when finding such things among his ilk on the left i…