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Picking on Miley Cyrus and Some Other Tramp

Her next song will be “I Had Anal Sex So hard I Improved My Work Ethic.”

YouTube Guts American Renaissance’s Channel

This is a dark day.

The Only Well-Balanced NPR Piece* You’ll Ever Hear

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but National Public Radio (NPR) actually had a little bit of balance in one of their stories!
It’s available on BitChute,or you can hear it on the video below.....

Ein Muslim warnt in Deutschland vor seiner Zukunft

(Muslim Warns Germany About its Future)
I was lucky enough to come across this video and I asked the original uploader to send it to me. He goes by Kater, and I am indebted to him for this video!
I’m sure this video will have no effect on Germany’s future, because the Germans are hopelessly lost.
Here is the English translation.....
“What I care about is, that people get the right message and convert to Islam. That is the point. We, the [group seeking Germany’s conversion to Islam, presumably], will drive to every German city and bring that message everywhere. Who doesnt like it, shall get out of Germany and make their own state somewhere. We will get that message to the front.
“But I’ll tell you one thing, we are very many Muslims in Germany. If you keep baiting us, and I really hope that nothing happens, but if so, if you keep going on like this, I only see bad luck for you. We are not afraid of anybody. We also have people backing us. And if you keep going on like …

NPR Story Trashes Conservatives by Using John Wayne

What is there to say about this story?
It paints John Wayne as a kind of cock-sure, patronizing, christian-hypocritical bully who served the forces of evil, that is to say, he sought to represent the prototypical white christian male.
I’m afraid I don’t know a great deal about Mr Wayne. His films were before before my time. If I’m going to look to a tough guy that inspires my masculine virtue I’m afraid I would have to come up empty, largely. I’m more attracted to directors than I am to the people on the screen. I guess I would have to mention Indiana Jones or Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
In the NPR story, the person interviewed is Kristin Komez Du Mez who has written the book, Jesus & John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.
Upon listening to the story while making my breakfast, I was immediately struck by how the interviewee says that white evangelicals have a Jungian pairing in thier minds, Jesus & John Wayne, and in her view, they look to Mr Wa…

Misgendering’s Bad, k. But What About Mistranny-ing

Is it OK if I ask if Symone Sanders is transgender? She (he?) looks to have the shoulders of a linebacker.....

The Long Con, or, Posthumous Enabling

I read an articleabout Marsha P Johnson in Vogue magazine... not sure why.
But it got me thinking.....
I wonder what it would be like to be assured that after a lifetime of low achievement, addiction, debauchery, self-indulgence, and browbeating your friends into becoming enablers for your vices & lies, that future generations would be carrying your dishonorable torch forever, and that your disgraceful life would become the foundation for a movement.

I wonder.....

My [failed] Attempt at Scripture

And soul found itself hearing the voice of the material, not for the first time, but with renewed attention.

“I am inevitable,” said material, “I am everywhere. Everywhere you look, you can see the demise, decay, and yet permanence of my substance. There is no survival beyond me. Hear me now, soul; if you are to have life beyond this moment, you must become like me. Suicide is not what you think it is. So, do not be afraid. You have no choice but to survive.”
And soul began considering suicide.

The Quintessential Modern Utterance

In this moment, we acknowledge that our privilege has been one of creating a space in which we have viewed violence against black bodies through the lens of white supremacy. We need to understand that this is not who we are, and we are listening to listen.

From Schemes to Dreams, or, My White Children Don’t Dream At All

I am a white man, and I have two white children. They don’t dream at all. Let me make this clear from the get-go. They have no dreams. If I should ever detect them formulating dreams, I try to discourage this at the outset. Also, I don’t have any dreams for them. None whatsoever. I have no wish for their futures at all. For example, I have no wish that they not be a minority in their own country. I also do not have this wish for any white grandchildren I may have.

No no. We don’t have any dreams that we are aware of, and neither do any of the English-speaking, white, Christian males that I know. We do not talk in terms of hopes and dreams or visions for the future. It is a privilege — of the white variety — to have zero dreams. I make certain to force my white children to understand this whenever I have the opportunity.

I might have expectations though, and by expectations I mean things I think will actually happen, and things I demand of my children. I expect my children to be grateful…

Chabad for the Gentiles, or, Turning Away from Synthetic Histories

In the modern world background and foreground have changed, they have inverted. By this I mean, that the world and our act of planning have switched places. The background has become the plan.

Whereas we each were once from specific places with specific histories and specific ethnic characters, cuisines, and dances, we now herald from various projects. America being an idea (and treated as an idea) being one example. The concept of the "digital native" also being exemplary here.

With our history and ancestry being systematically vilified and replaced, what was once the objective background to our lives is now a process. We are now being made to not come from history or from nations or from God. We are now being made to come from a synthetic process with intended moral outcomes.

In the old modes of living, we emerged from our past and from our surroundings as a frog emerges from the swamp. We were still wet with our ancestry, sticky with our language, consumed with knowledge …

Censored Vertigo Politix Video

This is a wonderful little video from Vertigo Politix, who I think is pretty great. It was censored by YouTube, but not before I got a recording of it.
ENJOY (watch here)!!

Trannies, Non-Binary Types are Certainly Human

I can’t remember who said it, but there’s an idea out there that there’s no such thing as human beings. There are Frenchman, Chinamen, Ashkenazi Jews, black Baptists, scotsmen. There are men and women. There are children, teenagers, bachelors. Humans come in categories. They are taken and accepted, and they offer themselves in these categories.
I was thinking about this when I was listening to a transexual guest on Democracy Now as he expressed his regret that (according to him, anyway) trannies and non-binary types are seen as less than human.
It occurred to me, however, that if a person claims to not have a sex or to have the ability to change sex after his initial creation that he is, actually, one step in the direction of becoming less than human.
Reductio ad absurdium (one of my favorite thinking tools): if a person were to come to you and claim that they have no race, no sex, no history, that they do not speak a language, that their hair cannot be said to have a texture, then in ad…

A Thought: Sustainable World-Views vs. Unsustainable World-Views

Some people get their bread from a single ancient source, while others get their bread from a constantly changing class of characters with legitimized “expert” opinions, whose opinions are also constantly in flux.
But only one of these is ultimately sustainable.

The Morality of Handing Away One’s Inheritance?

I’m not sure if this has received any treatment in philosophy, but what are the moral implications of handing away one’s inheritance. Is it moral to squander, giveaway, or allow someone else to squander or steal your inheritance?
With all of this tearing down of statues, renaming of institutions, and hatred and contempt of the past (specifically the white Christian past) I would love it if I could read a philosophical, or maybe a political philosophical, treatment of the possible immorality of such an act.

Just a Reminder: Men Who Dress in Women’s Clothing are Still Crazy

From a New York Times article a while back.....
”In a finding that could be especially sensitive, the researchers found that whether someone ever engaged in same-sex sexual behavior showed genetic correlations with mental health issues, like major depressive disorder or schizophrenia, and with traits like risk-taking, cannabis use, openness to experience and loneliness.”
I think it’s a safe bet that trannies are at least as correlated with insanityas homosexuals are.
So, thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling, Americans no longer have the right to disassociate from people who are mentally ill.

How to Raise a Frenzied Child in the New Religion

Kendi is interviewed here, giving his thoughts on how to raise an “anti-racist” child. He suggested white parents tell their children that all peoples are equally beautiful and that we should “value all cultures equally.”
TRANSLATION: Our goal is to gut all cultures of thier passionate cores, starting with the white cultures. Cultures are not something to feel passionate about. Rather, they are something to speak politely about but with an undertone of fear. However, we know that it is only the white cultures which are capable of being gutted in this way. So, once they’re deprived of all substance, we will have won.

Robert Gates, Useful Idiot

This morning, in an interview with NPR, Robert Gates said at 1:59 of the interview that our strength lies in our ideals. After this he goes on to give a defense of America’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan. What he intendrd to say was something like, “Ultimately, our strategic advantage on the world stage lies in our ability to behave like quixotic do-gooders. It is ideas in the head, not facts on the ground, which win wars.”