Ein Muslim warnt in Deutschland vor seiner Zukunft

(Muslim Warns Germany About its Future)

I was lucky enough to come across this video and I asked the original uploader to send it to me. He goes by Kater, and I am indebted to him for this video!

I’m sure this video will have no effect on Germany’s future, because the Germans are hopelessly lost.


Here is the English translation.....

“What I care about is, that people get the right message and convert to Islam. That is the point. We, the [group seeking Germany’s conversion to Islam, presumably], will drive to every German city and bring that message everywhere. Who doesnt like it, shall get out of Germany and make their own state somewhere. We will get that message to the front.

“But I’ll tell you one thing, we are very many Muslims in Germany. If you keep baiting us, and I really hope that nothing happens, but if so, if you keep going on like this, I only see bad luck for you. We are not afraid of anybody. We also have people backing us. And if you keep going on like this, I swear to God, I cant guarantee anything.”


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