From Schemes to Dreams, or, My White Children Don’t Dream At All

I am a white man, and I have two white children. They don’t dream at all. Let me make this clear from the get-go. They have no dreams. If I should ever detect them formulating dreams, I try to discourage this at the outset. Also, I don’t have any dreams for them. None whatsoever. I have no wish for their futures at all. For example, I have no wish that they not be a minority in their own country. I also do not have this wish for any white grandchildren I may have.

No no. We don’t have any dreams that we are aware of, and neither do any of the English-speaking, white, Christian males that I know. We do not talk in terms of hopes and dreams or visions for the future. It is a privilege — of the white variety — to have zero dreams. I make certain to force my white children to understand this whenever I have the opportunity.

I might have expectations though, and by expectations I mean things I think will actually happen, and things I demand of my children. I expect my children to be grateful for the diverse America they will inherit, and for the education they’ll recieve in which they will be (I hope) constantly reminded that they come from vile ancestry.

You see, dear reader, here is something you may not understand. The American frontier has been turned on its head, and rightly so. The founding White stock of this country cannot be said to ever have had dreams. What they had were schemes, and we moderns should understand how ignorant and bigoted they were for acting on them.

But that’s alright. At least it can be made alright. But we must act now. The nightmarish schemes of the past can be razed to the ground with the dreams of dreamers.

The scheme is dead! long live the dream!


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