NPR Story Trashes Conservatives by Using John Wayne

What is there to say about this story?

It paints John Wayne as a kind of cock-sure, patronizing, christian-hypocritical bully who served the forces of evil, that is to say, he sought to represent the prototypical white christian male.

I’m afraid I don’t know a great deal about Mr Wayne. His films were before before my time. If I’m going to look to a tough guy that inspires my masculine virtue I’m afraid I would have to come up empty, largely. I’m more attracted to directors than I am to the people on the screen. I guess I would have to mention Indiana Jones or Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

In the NPR story, the person interviewed is Kristin Komez Du Mez who has written the book, Jesus & John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.

Upon listening to the story while making my breakfast, I was immediately struck by how the interviewee says that white evangelicals have a Jungian pairing in thier minds, Jesus & John Wayne, and in her view, they look to Mr Wayne a great deal more in evaluating how they should conduct themselves in the world.

No mention was made of the pairing that exists in the minds of white liberals though. It would have to be Jesus & MLK, or Jesus & Marsha P Johnson, or George Floyd & Mary Magdelene... I don’t know.

Of course, this is nothing surprising. Ms Du Mez is your typical leftist-liberal-feminist cartoon. I felt particularly bugged by the slanderous stupidity of this report, so here I am.

Naturally, this is typical for NPR . It’s just more advocacy posing as journalism by the radically anti-national National Public Radio.


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