Trannies, Non-Binary Types are Certainly Human

I can’t remember who said it, but there’s an idea out there that there’s no such thing as human beings. There are Frenchman, Chinamen, Ashkenazi Jews, black Baptists, scotsmen. There are men and women. There are children, teenagers, bachelors. Humans come in categories. They are taken and accepted, and they offer themselves in these categories.

I was thinking about this when I was listening to a transexual guest on Democracy Now as he expressed his regret that (according to him, anyway) trannies and non-binary types are seen as less than human.

It occurred to me, however, that if a person claims to not have a sex or to have the ability to change sex after his initial creation that he is, actually, one step in the direction of becoming less than human.

Reductio ad absurdium (one of my favorite thinking tools): if a person were to come to you and claim that they have no race, no sex, no history, that they do not speak a language, that their hair cannot be said to have a texture, then in addition to concluding that they were nuts, and being able to rule out that he is superhuman, it seems to me arguable that subhuman would be the only other option.

So, I think trannies & non-binary types are more subhuman than the rest of us.

At least, I did think that.

Until I realized that for a man to say he is a woman or for a woman to say she doesn’t have a sex (or whatever), that there is certainly another human attribute on full display, foolishness.

So, I agree with the guest on Democracy Now. Nobody should ever say that transsexuals or non-binary people or alphabet people (LGBTQI+ABCDEFGHIJK etc; you can call these people “etc. people”) are subhuman. They are plainly and clearly human.

Among their many human attributes, you will know they are human by their foolishness, especially.


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