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Can Anti-Semitism be Addressed At All?

When US Secretary of State Blinken visited Israel recently and appeared with Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, there was a lot of talk of anti-semitism. Personally, since I accept the legitimacy of religions as well as nation states as healthy parts of the human condition, I accept two explanations for anti-Semitism which follow from these phenomena. Many religious Jews explain anti-Semitism as a metaphysical fact of reality, and Jews of a Marxist persuasion explain anti-semitism as real, but also as a subterfuge for Israel’s pose in the middle east (see  video  below). I don’t dismiss either of these. So, I’m put in mind of a question: can we have a list of anti-Semitism that can be blamed substantially on gentiles, while also explicitly omitting that anti-semitism which is either religiously explained, or a tool of the IDF?

The Willful Ignorance in this Story is Staggering

Black people truly are the elites’ house pets.

George Floyd’s Legacy is Just Silly

George Floyd was a felon, drug addict, ex-convict, occasional porn-star, and petty criminal who died in a manner entirely natural to his lifestyle. The notion that people are calling his death an “injustice,” and that we’re still talking about him a year later, is beyond idiotic.

The Last White Christian

A country having an explicit policy of racial discrimination is likely not for the good, especially if this policy is ever relaxed. It is a policy which, if not maintained in perpetuity, will make future blow back inevitable. It is far better to have an ancestral policy, by which I mean, persons not sharing the ancestral heritage of the native population can at best hold only some kind of second class citizenship, and are not able to hold public office at all. The racial, demographic effect on the population that this policy will have is a sign of sensible policy. An ancestral policy is also one which is more relevant to social concerns anyway. A population needs to have ancestry in common, not necessarily be racially pure. But if its original discriminatory policy should ever be relaxed, and members of a previously-oppressed group should hold public office, it should be acknowledged without fanfare, as a proof that the previous discriminatory policy is now in the past. A single previo