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Can Anti-Semitism be Addressed At All?

When US Secretary of State Blinken visited Israel recently and appeared with Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, there was a lot of talk of anti-semitism. Personally, since I accept the legitimacy of religions as well as nation states as healthy parts of the human condition, I accept two explanations for anti-Semitism which follow from these phenomena. Many religious Jews explain anti-Semitism as a metaphysical fact of reality, and Jews of a Marxist persuasion explain anti-semitism as real, but also as a subterfuge for Israel’s pose in the middle east (see  video  below). I don’t dismiss either of these. So, I’m put in mind of a question: can we have a list of anti-Semitism that can be blamed substantially on gentiles, while also explicitly omitting that anti-semitism which is either religiously explained, or a tool of the IDF?

The Willful Ignorance in this Story is Staggering

Black people truly are the elites’ house pets.

George Floyd’s Legacy is Just Silly

George Floyd was a felon, drug addict, ex-convict, occasional porn-star, and petty criminal who died in a manner entirely natural to his lifestyle. The notion that people are calling his death an “injustice,” and that we’re still talking about him a year later, is beyond idiotic.